Workshop Thursday, May 5, 2016 Posters

2016 Poster Winners:

First Place:

Strain Tuning the Emergent Properties in Pyrochlore Thin Films
Christianne Beekman

Second Place:

Myth, Locality, and Identity in Pindar's Sicilian Odes
Virginia Lewis

Third Place:

Sustainable Polymers from Renewable Biomass
Justin Kennemur

Honorable Mentions:

Development of a Deuterated Neutron Detector Array for Nuclear (Astro)Physics Studies
Sergio Almaraz-Calderon

Three-Level Physics Guided Stochastic Modeling of Nanostructure Variations in Nanomaterial Manufacturing Processes
Hui Wang


Forecasting range expansion of marine turtles and their exposure to coastal development
Mariana Fuentes

A novel method for monitoring assembly of multisubunit complexes in vivo
Robert J. Tomko Jr.

Streaming Clustering
Margareta Ackerman

Differentiating the Dimension of Social Competence across Childhood
Bethany L. Blair

Estimating Patterns of Childhood Victimization by Race/Ethnicity
Shamra Boel-Studt

Another Knowing
Malia Bruker

When is dispersal for dispersal?
Scott Burgess

After Algeria's Wars: The Cinema of Tariq Teguia and Merzak Allouache
Corbin Treacy

Scaling Up Accurate Electronic Structure Calculations by Patching Exchange-Correlation Potential in Materials
Chen Huang

Monetary Policy and Endogenous Duration Spent at the Zero Interest Rates
Mikhail Dmitriev

Computing Pseudo Margins of Error Using American Community Survey Data
David C. Folch

Complexity Building Cascade Reactions Initiated by [4+4]-Photocycloadditions
James H. Frederich

Risks & Realities: Death & Credit in the French Tropics
Laurie Wood

Water Discourse in a South African Newspaper
Mary Lawhon

"It is a very small article": Mixed-Race Families in Antebellum America
Katherine Mooney

Improving theory and practice of consumer returns management
Guangzhi Shang

The Use of Class Voice in Choral Music Education Programs in the United States
Evan T. Jones

Factors Influencing Obesity Among Preschoolers: Multi Level Approach
So Hyun Park

Feasibility of the Coping in Heart Failure Partnership Telephone-Based Intervention Study: Pilot
Lucinda J. Graven

Performance and Recording of New Operas and Chamber Music
Daniel Belcher

Neural mechanisms of social support in babies: How does "mother love" get inside an infant?
Liz Hammock

Can Computers Teach Social Skills? The Efficacy of The Social Express
S. Kathleen Krach

Suicide Intervention Training for Community Gatekeepers: A Meta-Analysis
Philip Osteen

Motivation, Misinformation, and Strategic Communication in Political Discussion
Matthew Pietryka

Non-GAAP Reporting following Debt Covenant Violations
Spencer Pierce

Prostate Cancer Screening Among African American Men: An Educational Intervention
Sabrina L. Dickey

Enhancing the Utilization of Sport Psychology Services in Athletes
Graig M. Chow

Computational Design of Hybrid Perovskites for Highly Stable and Flexible Energy-Related Devices
Shangchao Lin

Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change and Fire on Terrestrial Organic Matter Export to the Arctic Ocean
Robert G.M. Spencer

Research on Three Art Museums' Strategies for Collaborative, Interactive Gallery Interpretation and Implications for The Ringling
Ann Rowson Love

The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Infant Health: Examining Race and Socioeconomic Status
Michael J. McFarland

Walking Through Theory: An Exploration of Theoretical Frameworks in Miniature
Sara Scott Shields

A Study of Smartphone User Privacy for the Advertiser's Perspective
Jie Yang

Impacts of air pollution on the global biosphere and climate
Christopher D. Holmes

Public Communication and the Preservation of North Florida's Gullah/Geechee History and Culture
Brian Graves

Regenerating Journalism: The Rise of Online-Native Media in Latin America
Summer Harlow

The Potential Impact of Management Practices on the Employment Viability of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) within the Information Professions
Lynne C. Hinnant

The Sanctuary: A Story of Bloodshed and Survival in the Congo
Skip Horack

Oxime Cross-Linkable, Dopamine Containing, Adhesive Polymeric Brushes via ROMP for Biomedical Applications
Hoyong Chung

The Case of the Sexy Jewess: Dance, Gender and Jewish Joke-work in US Pop Culture
Hannah Schwadron

Advanced Solid-state NMR Studies of Energy Storage Materials
Yan-Yan Hu

Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources for Big Data Mining
Noyan Ilk

Mechanisms of Non-Native Speech Learning in Older Adults
Erin M. Ingvalson

Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Restricted or Repetitive Behavior of Learners with Visual Impairment
Sarah Ivy

Placed Based Development Policies and Infrastructure Investments throughout the 20th Century
Carl Kitchens

Is hyperactivity ubiquitous in ADHD or dependent on environmental demands? Evidence from meta-analysis
Michael J. Kofler

Using Unstructured and Qualitative Disclosures to Explain Accruals
Joshua Lee

Allee effects and species coexistence
Leithen M'Gonigle

Equilibrium morphologies encountered during erosion, dissolution, and melting
Nick Moore

Identifying Criminals' Risk Attitudes
Murat Mungan

The role of stress position in bilingual word recognition: Cognate processing in Turkish and Dutch
Antje Muntendam

Envelopes and tensor linear regression
Xin (Henry) Zhang

Fully Printed Light-Emitting Diodes Using Halide Perovskite Composite Thin Films
Zhibin Yu

Features of Teacher Preparation and Beginning Teacher Retention
Courtney Preston

Discerning Mechanisms of Environmental and Climatic Changes Associated with the Late Silurian (Ludfordian) Extinction Event
Seth Young

Socially Responsible Consumption Behavior: New Insights Into Social Impact Consumers
Jaejin Lee

A Model of Carbon and Nitrogen Fluxes in the Gulf of Mexico with a Simple Zooplankton Cohort Structure
Michael R. Stukel

Physiological Responses of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Karenia brevis to Climate Change
Sven A. Kranz

Autumn Factory
Dan Torop

Learning to Teach Chinese from Best Practices
Wenxia Wang


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