CRC Policies

Award Hiatus Period

  • CRC program hiatus periods apply to the PI and any Co-PI(s) on a grant.
  • Even if an award is not funded at the maximum dollar amount, the full hiatus period is still applicable.
  • Hiatus periods only apply to the program awarded; a PI or Co-PI may apply for a different CRC program during their hiatus period.


  • Twelve-month faculty members cannot apply for PI salary support. These faculty members may use CRC funding for student salary support and other approved research expenses.
  • CRC grant funds can only be used to support research and creative activity; travel to attend or present at conferences is not considered an eligible expense for most CRC programs.
  • The CRC will support a stipend for a student; tuition and matriculation payments are not allowed. Funding for student travel on CRC grants is not allowed.
  • Project spending must align with the approved budget. Any changes must be requested in advance by using the CRC Time Extension and Budget Amendment Submission page at least 30 days prior to the award expiration date; requests submitted within 30 days of the award end date will not be considered. See additional information in the CRC General Conditions of Award document
  • A maximum of two budget amendments is permitted per project.
  • Failure to follow the stated guidelines and approved project budget may result in the withdrawing of project funds, repayment of misspent funds by the PI/department, and/or future disqualification of the PI from CRC funding.
  • Faculty members who receive CRC funds during a sabbatical will be asked to repay those funds if they leave the university during the year following the award. In addition, summer funding (FYAP, COFRS) will not be awarded, or will be terminated if awarded, for faculty planning to leave the university immediately following the award period.
  • Funds cannot be advanced prior to your award's start date. However, a cash advance is allowable within the award period in certain cases. Guidance on this policy can be found here.

Conditions of Award/Certifications

A Conditions of Award form, signed by both the PI and their Chair, is required from any PI receiving a CRC award prior to the release of award funds. Research activities requiring compliance review and approvals (such as Human or Animal Subjects use, DNA/RNA use, Hazardous Materials, or Marine Lab facilities) require the completion and submission of forms to the appropriate FSU Department or group. You must seek and receive approval before such research is attempted and before any funds can be released, if awarded. See Human Subjects, Animal Care and Use Committee, Environmental Health & Safety, or Research Compliance for other compliance requirements that may apply to your research or performance plan.

The chart below indicates the amount of time allocated for PIs to submit certification approvals (IRB, IACUC, EH&S Hazards) and the signed Conditions of Award form after award notification.

 Program Staff should be notified if additional time is needed for extenuating circumstances; failure to submit these documents in a timely manner may result in the withdrawal of the award.

  Program Award Length CoA/ Certification Deadline
Short-term Grants FYAP 3 months 30 days
  COFRS 3 months 30 days
  SGP 6 months 30 days
Long-term Grants Seed 12 months 60 days
  AHPEG 12+ months 60 days
  EIEG 12 months 60 days


  • Students and post-docs are not eligible to apply as a PI or Co-PI on CRC grants.
  • FAMU-FSU College of Engineering faculty members are eligible to receive funding from the CRC.
  • Only full-time, active status (at time of the award) FSU Faculty who are eligible to apply for CRC funding can be a PI or Co-PI on a CRC grant. 

Scope and/or Personnel Changes

  • Any changes to the scope of work of an award require the approval of the CRC prior to implementation. These changes may include, but are not limited to, alterations to the goals or specific aims, changes in Animal or Human Subjects use, or programmatic shifts to a third party or subcontractor.
  • Failure to follow the stated guidelines and approved scope of work may result in the withdrawing of project funds and/or future disqualification of the PI from CRC funding.
  • Changes in senior personnel (PI or Co-PI) require the prior approval of the CRC. Changes to project team personnel (Department Representative, ePRO approver, etc.) may be made using Sponsored Research Administration's Personnel Change Request form.

Time Extensions

  • Time extensions and budget amendments require the prior approval of the CRC. Requests to extend an award must be submitted with a justification through the Time Extension and Budget Amendment Submission page at least 30 days prior to the award expiration date; requests submitted within 30 days of the award end date will not be considered.
  • Only one time extension is permitted per project; if the project budget is in good standing, a 90-day extension will be automatically granted upon request. Time extension requests for greater than 90 days will be considered on a case-by-case basis but will not exceed six months.
  • Time extensions are generally not allowed on PI summer salary awards; however, time extensions may be requested on non-salary portions of the award budget. Due to University policy, faculty members cannot receive CRC salary funds simultaneously with university-distributed (E&G) salary funds.

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