Workshop Thursday, May 7, 2015 Posters

Should My Car Move or Should We? An Intra-Household Model of Residential and Commuting Choices
Christopher Clapp

Self-Assembled Bilayers for Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Kenneth Hanson

Lost at Sea: Islands and the Topology of Cultural Interactions in the Mediterranean
Doron Bauer

Re-re-appropriation: Marx and Engel's Manifesto, avant-garde art and DIY 3D printing
Julietta Cheung

The Chaos from Outer Space vs. The Magnetic Field
David Collins

For the Sake of the Nation: Mobilizing for War in Japanese Commercial Advertisements, 1937-1945
Annika Culver

Financial Impact of Nonprofit Organizational Change
David Berlan

Computational Studies of Plasmons in Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
A. Eugene DePrince III

Utopia Improvised, The Heavenly Lotteries of the Moravian Church
Sarah Eyerly

Self-Service Technology, the Presence of Others, and Donation Programs in Restaurants
Lydia Hanks

Arte Studio Ginestrelle Residency, in Assisi, Italy
Jeff Beekman

Quantifying and Measuring Fluid Dynamic Properties in the Singing Voice
Chuck Chandler

Understanding the Role of Popular Culture in Secondary Title I Teachers' Instruction
Katherin Garland

Query-based Configuration of Text Retrieval for Software Engineering Tasks
Sonia Haiduc

The Client Experience of Psychiatric Medication: A Qualitative Study
Jeffrey Lacasse

Determinants of Federal Disaster Relief
Charles Nyce

Enabling automated characterization of 1D rigid nano-objects
Abhishek K. Shrivastava

Breaking out of the echo chamber
Warren Allen

Military Service & Political Competition in the Roman Republic
Jessica Clark

Examining how Interior Designers process information
Amy Huber

Semantic development in early word learning
Arielle Borovsky

The economic consequences of having "social" executives
Baixiao Liu

Intermodal needs assessment for transporting vital supplies in the aftermath of a disaster
Eren Erman Ozguven

The Bureau and the Way: The Heian Court and the Social Construction of Onmyodo
Kristina Buhrman

Construction and Validation of a Scale to Measure Athletic Star Power
Karla McCormick

One model fits all? A cross-national analysis of political discussions
Patrick Merle

Activating Customers as Coproducers for Better Service Outcomes: The Interplay of Firm-Assigned Workload, Service Literacy, Social Support, and Coproduction Stress
Martin Mende

Consumer Usage of Ultra-Concentrated Products
Maura Scott

The Politics of Blood-brotherhood in German Literature and Culture
A. Dana Weber

Nancy, Susan, and Dan in conversation and in movement
Rodger Belman

Exploring arousal formation in advertising using GSR test: Comparing Hispanic versus Non-Hispanic Consumers
Sindy Chapa

British Music for Clarinet and Piano (CD Recording)
Jonathan Holden

Power Quality Impact Study for the Interconnection of Heterogeneous Distributed Energy Resources
Omar Faruque

Incivility Perpetration: Understanding the Role of Social Dominance Orientation and Psychological Entitlement
Shanna Daniels

Lead Independent Directors: Good Governance or Window Dressing
Landon Mauler

Struggles, Successes, and Setbacks: Youth Aging out of the Child Welfare System in a Subsidized Housing Program
Lisa Schoborg Schelbe

The Relationship of Social Connection to Distress and Suicidality Among Students in Higher Education
Martin Swanbrow Becker

New Development of Volatility Inference in Financial Market: Usage of High-frequency Financial Data
Minjing Tao

Sport Management in North America and Europe
Amy Kim

A Taxonomy of CBM Oral Reading Coding Errors: Threats to Assessment Fidelity and Data-based Decision Making
Deborah Reed

The Effect of Cloud Heating on Storm Rotation
Jeffrey Chagnon

Model uncertainty in hedging financial derivatives under constraint
Arash Fahim

Solving the Mysteries of Supernovae
Jeremiah Murphy

Conditional Cooperation in Network Public Goods Experiments
Luke Boosey

Unions of line in finite fields
Richard Oberlin

Electrophysiology of Object Categorization
Jonathan Folstein

Instructional Change in Undergraduate STEM
Christine Andrews-Larson

Research in the Bleiholder Group: Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Christian Bleiholder

Impact of Socio-Ecological Systems Changes on Rural Communities in Cambodia
John Felkner

What Do They Think of Art Therapy? Exploring the Perspectives of Mental Health Professionals
Theresa Van Lith

Math and Science Attitudes as Predictors of High-School Students' STEM Career Plans
Colleen Ganley

Photoconductivity in Vanadium Dioxide Nanowires
Hanwei Gao

Convergence: A Dance Film in the Redwoods
Ilana Goldman

Visualization Study of the normal-fluid motion in superfluid helium-4
Wei Guo

Do CEOs Matter to Firm Performance? A Meta-analytic Review
Gang Wang

Culture, Sex & Perceptions of Risk Among African-American, Black-Caribbean and African Men and Women in the US
Kimberly Hires

Large scale structure analysis with infrared-selected galaxies
Kevin Huffenberger

Persichetti's Organ Works Inspired by Literature
Iain Quinn

Policy Shifts and Endogenous Valence of Political Parties
Jee Seon Jeon

Incarceration, Human Capital and Racial Inequality in the Labor Market
Kecia Johnson

Mania for Freedom: American Literatures of Enthusiasm, 1776-1865
John Mac Kilgore

Characterizing dissolved organic nitrogen released by marine nitrogen fixers
Angela Knapp

Military-Related Stressors & Psychological Vulnerability: The Role of Marital Warmth
Mallory Lucier-Greer

Autonomic Correlates of Speech Function in Parkinson's Disease
Megan MacPherson

The fused Kolmogorov filter: a nonparametric model-free screening method
Qing Mai

Houses of Law: Modes of Legality and Discourses of Authority in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century American Literature
Trinyan Mariano

Constructing the Red Menace: Domestic Intelligence Gathering and Religious Activism During the Cold War
Michael McVicar

An expanded servicescape framework as the driver of place attachment and word of mouth
Nathan Line

A Spatial Analysis of the Impact of West German Television on Protest Mobilization During the East German Revolution
Holger Kern

Nineteenth-Century Sentencing Disparities
Ashley Rubin

Determining the Role of Zinc Metabolism in Vascular Senescence Using Ex-vivo Animal Models
Gloria Salazar

Doing and Knowing: Action, Intention, and 'Practical Knowledge'
John Schwenkler

Examining gendered patterns of school dropout in Indonesia
Stephanie Zuilkowski

Caregiver Implementation of Reading to Engage Children with Autism in Language and Learning (RECALL)
Kelly Whalon

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