Workshop Tuesday, May 6, 2014 Posters

Development of a new body of work about the history of Turpentine
Rob Duarte

Do Accounting Standards Motivate Strategic Investment Behavior? A Cross-Sectional Comparison of Investment Strategies in the U.S. GAAP and IFRS Reporting Environments
Allison Beck

Economic Impact Imperatives and Literacy Education: Compatible Educational Goals?
George Boggs

High dimensional covariance matrix estimation
Debdeep Pati

The Effects of a Technology Enhanced Storybook Reading Intervention
Lindsay Dennis

Workplace Accommodation and Aging Workforce
ShengLi Dong

What Can We Learn From Blank and Invalid Voting?
Amanda Driscoll

Interior Design Professional Mentors: How Do We Retain Them in a Difficult Economy?
Kenan Fishburne

Flow and Noise Control of a Supersonic Impinging Jet on a Carrier Deck
Rajan Kumar

Thinning Out Structural Theory
Garrick Pursley

Visualization Study of the normal-fluid motion in superfluid helium-4
Wei Guo

Perceptual Similarity in Dysarthria
Kaitlin Lansford

Ponce Creole: Architecture and Modernity in a Puerto Rican Sugar Capital, 1850-1930
Paul Niell

Transgenerational Mechanisms Associated with Weight Gain in Mexican-origin Youth
Angelina Sutin

The Pedagogy of Tadeusz Wroński in the Heterogeneous Strings Classroom
Katarzyna Bugaj

The Influence of Pedestrian Plans on Walk Commuting
Michael Duncan

The role of cardiac troponin I autoantibody in the pathogenesis of heart disease
Jose Pinto

When Consumer IT Turns Into Enterprise IT: Two IT Consumerization Models
Iris Junglas

Effects of Education on Female Crime
Javier Cano-Urbina

Water Sustainability: the Roman Baths at Cosa
Andrea DeGiorgi

Determinants of Wage Discrimination: Gift Exchange with Migrant Workers and Students in China
Sebastian Goerg

It’s All Relative: How Institutions at Home Shape the Political Risks of Investing Abroad
Quintin Beazer

Axel’s Other Castles
Robert Stilling

Closed-Loop Supply Chains & Natural Resource Scarcity
Hannah Stolze

College Remediation and Postsecondary Attainment: New Evidence from Florida in the Presence of Community Colleges Offering Four-Year Degrees
Toby Park

Comparing Gendered Differences in U.S. and Cambodian Students’ Participation in STEM
Lara Perez-Felkner

Organizational Change and Justice: The Impact of Transparent and Ethical Leaders
Janelle Wells

Systematic Audit of Third-Party Android Phones
Zhi Wang

Streaming Link Prediction on Dynamic Graph Streams
Peixiang Zhao

A participant-oriented evaluative case study of the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts Internship Program
Antonio Cuyler

How does flower production in tropical forests respond to climate change?
Stephanie Pau

When Performances of Everyday Life and Theatrical Performances Mix and Mingle
George McConnell

Ethnic Identity Trajectories among Mexican-origin Girls during Early and Middle Adolescence: Predicting Psychosocial Well-being
Melinda Gonzales-Backen

From Locations to Locatability: Enhancing Archival Methods for Feminist Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
Tarez Graban

Polymer-Inorganic Composites for Lithium Batteries
Daniel Hallinan, Jr.

Assessing Internet Cognition
Sara Hart

A Road to Integration for the Actor or Mindfulness: Is there an App for That?
Michael Hayden

Mathematical Modeling of Personalized Androgen Ablation Therapy for Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Harsh Jain

Identity Deception and Detection in Computer-Mediated Communication
Shuyuan Ho

Technical Theatre Training and Curriculum at Universities
Jim Lile

Media, Materiality and Geopolitics in Japanese Cinema
Laura Lee

Kanaks in the Leitkultur-Hip-hop Education in North Rhine Westphalian Communities
Margaret Jackson

Inference from Extreme Failure in Organizations
David Maslach

Characterizing the microbial community structure in the methane maxima in the Gulf of Mexico
Olivia Mason

Assessing Barriers to Healthcare Access in Chronic Disease Patients at a Transition Center
Cara Pappas

Conflicting Stories: Firm and Journalist News Event Portrayal
Michael Penn

Influencing Interior Design Pedagogy by Determining Patterns in Learning Styles and Professional Outcomes
Steven Webber

Bosnia: Between the Crescent & Stars
Sunnie Rucker-Chang

Representation Patterns for Cultural Heritage Resources
Richard Urban

The Lecture as Performance: Theatricality in the Academy
Daniel Sack

Climatic Influences on Air, Soil, and Tree Cryptoccocus gattii Populations in Vancouver Island, Canada
Christopher Uejio

Investigating Children’s Developing Integer Reasoning
Ian Whitacre

The Researcher Performs: Revelations in Process in Sharon Bridgforth’s River See
Nia Witherspoon

Conditional Test of Individual Stock Sentiment and Cross-section of Stock Returns
Yi Zhou

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