Workshop Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Posters

The Secret Side of Mardi Gras: Dance and Gender in Old‐Line Carnival Balls
Jen Atkins

(Mis) Managing New Salesperson Performance Failure
Willy Bolander

Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Special Area Teachers Working in Multi-age Elementary Environments
Jeff Broome

Impact of Personal Bankruptcy on Labor Supply Decisions
Daphne Chen

Send a Dozen to Get One Through: A Novel
Jennine Crucet

Black Like We Imagine Ourselves: Spectacular Fantasies of Race and Nation
Alisha Gaines

Pedagogy of alternancia in rural schools in the Peruvian Amazon
Rebecca Galeano

12 Piano Sides: New Piano Music by American Composer Carter Pann
Joel Hastings

Exploring the Life Experiences and Parenting Needs of Homeless Families
Kendal Holtrop

Convergences and Disjunctions: New Piano Music from Prague
David Kalhous

Stephen Kearns

Corporate Governance and Corporate Volatility
Jay Kesten

Exploratory Visualization Toolkit for Tactical Analysis of Team Sports
Tetsuo Kobayashi

Plan Quality and Development Outcomes in Florida: A Pilot Study
Rebecca Lewis

Public Policy Considerations Concerning Insurance Bad Faith and Residual Market Mechanisms
Chad Marzen

On the lock-on of vortex shedding to oscillatory actuation around a circular cylinder
Phillip Munday

Virtual School Counselors
Debra Osborn

Real-time characterization of shape evolution of nanoparticles
Chiwoo Park

Is Corporate Social Responsibility Good For You?
John Peloza

FYAP Research, Summer 2012: The Spatial Politics of Green Urban Redevelopment in Braddock, Pennsylvania
Joseph Pierce

Prevalence and Metabolic Phenotype of Sarcopenic Obesity in White and African American Adults
Carla Prado

Risk Management Issues for Green Buildings in Property Insurance Policies
Darren Prum

Ethnic Succession from Japanese American to Mexican Immigrant Labor in Southern California’s Suburban Maintenance Gardening Sector
Hernán Ramírezm

Assessing Public Library Services to Hispanic/Latino Populations
Howard Rodriguez-Mori

The International Community’s Reaction to Coups
Megan Shannon

A Dual-Process Model of Fact-Finding
Mark Spottswood

Explanation, Causation, and Change
Nathanael Stein

The Sei Capricci of Salvatore Sciarrino: Technique and Style
Benjamin Sung

Regulatory Diseconomies of Scale
Hannah Wiseman

Pretrial Detention and the Right to Be Monitored
Samuel Wiseman

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