Workshop Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Posters

Strain among Informal Caregivers of Persons with Parkinson's Disease
Maryann Abendroth

Affordable Housing in Local Plans: A Review of twenty-five years
Andrew Aurand

Maternal Religious Involvement and Breastfeeding
Amy Burdette

Keeping the Fires of Collaboration Burning
William Butler

Linking Institutional Policies to Student Success
Bradley E. Cox

Intervention Needed to Optimize Insulin Pump Use
Kimberly Driscoll

The Differential Treatment of Anger and Fear in Affirmative Defense Law
Reid Fontaine

Cue-Elicited Heart Rate Variability and Attentional Bias Predict Alcohol Relapse Following Treatment
Eric Garland

Spaces of Neoliberalism: Toward a Critical Pedagogy of 'Everyday' Spectacle
Michael Giardina

Religious Attendance and Loneliness in Later Life
Terrence Hill

The effect of entrepreneurs' goal orientation on firm performance: The mediating role of firm scanning behavior
Michael Holmes

Early Career Professional Development A Model for Black Female Faculty Socialization
Tamara Jones

Examining Interdisciplinary, User-Centered Educational Game Design
Fengfeng Ke

Does Judicial Enforcement of Social Rights Actually Benefit the Poor?
David Landau

Trademark Owner as Adverse Possessor
Jake Linford

Phonological and Lexical Effects on Word Variability
Toby Macrae

Quality of Health Answers in Social Q&A
Sanghee Oh

Neighborhood Socioeconomic Typologies: A Comparison of Delinquency Prediction Models for Adolescents
Eyitayo Onifade

The Acute Effects of Late Evening Whey and Casein Protein Ingestion on Fasting Blood Glucose, Lipid Profile, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Hunger in Overweight and Obese Individuals
Michael Ormsbee

Creating a Research Article and Relational Trademark Database for the Statistical Analysis of Insurance Industry Companies
David Orozco

Assessing the Impact of Guessing on Coefficient alpha and Reliability
Ins Paek

Molecular Mechanisms That Coordinate Histone and DNA Synthesis in S. Cerevisiae
Johanna Paik

Antecedents of Consumer Trust Toward Green Brands
Brian Parker

Testing the Efficacy of the NBA's Age Eligibility Rule Using Censored Regression
Ryan Rodenberg

The Conditioning Role of State Higher Education Governance Structures
David Tandberg

Does Share Buyback Deter Takeover Attempts?
Tianming Zhang

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