Members & Meeting Dates

Membership in the CRC is by the invitation of the Vice President for Research on the recommendation of the appropriate Dean, Director, or Department Chair. Length of membership is typically a three-year term of service, which can be renewed.

2023-2024 CRC Membership Roster

Executive Committee members are noted in red.

Name Department Member Exp. 8/15 of Various Years
Richard Bertram Mathematics 2026
Clifton Callender Music 2024
Larry Dennis Communication 2025
Gregory Erickson Biological Science 2026
Frank Fincham Human Development & Family Science 2024
Veronica Fleury Education 2025
Heather Flynn Behavioral Sciences & Social Medicine 2026
Daniel Hallinan Chemical and Biomedical Engineering 2025
Eric Hellstrom Mechanical Engineering 2024
Robert Hickner Nutrition & Integrative Physiology 2024
Jeffrey James Sport Management 2025
Geraldine Martorella Nursing 2025
Austin Mast Biological Science 2025
Meredith McQuerry Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship 2024
Laurie Molina Institute for Science & Public Affairs 2024
Dragana Popovic National High Magnetic Field Laboratory 2023
Marlo Ransdell Interior Architecture & Design 2023
Piers Rawling Philosophy 2025
Laura Reina Physics 2026
Kris Salata Theatre 2023
Stacy Sirmans Business 2025
Brian Stults Criminology & Criminal Justice 2025
Miles Taylor Sociology 2025
Stephen Tripodi Social Work 2026
Yanchang Wang Medicine 2024
Jessica Wendorf Muhamad Communication 2026
Andrea Westlund Philosophy 2024
David Whalley Computer Science 2026
Irene Zanini-Cordi Modern Languages & Linguistics 2024
Lei Zhu Chemistry & Biochemistry 2024
Stephanie Zuilkowski Learning Systems Institute 2024
Stacey Patterson VP for Research  ex-officio

CRC Meeting Dates

Each meeting will occur from 1:30-3:00 pm in 201 WES (President's Conference Room) on the Wednesdays listed below unless otherwise noted; meetings may also be held via Zoom or through a hybrid format as needed. No CRC meetings are held during the summer term.

Fall 2023 Term September 27
October 25
November 29
No December Meeting
Spring 2024 Term January 24
February 21
March 20
April 24

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